When you’re looking for new homes in Delaware, there is certainly no shortage of options. But beyond the home itself, you should consider just exactly where you want to live; not only the location but the type of neighborhood and community.

For many, gated communities offer the perfect place to live because of all the tremendous benefits that come with them. At The Peninsula On the Indian River Bay, residents receive all of these benefits and more thanks to our award-winning, Jack Nicklaus-designed private golf course. Even among gated communities, there are levels, and The Peninsula is at the very top.

If you’re looking to relocate to Delaware, or are simply seeking the perfect location for a vacation home or second home, The Peninsula On the Indian River Bay is unquestionably one of the finest gated communities on the East Coast. Contact Insight Homes today and learn more about building a custom home at The Peninsula, and read on to better understand the four amazing main benefits of living in a gated community!

1. Security

Safety and security are high on the list of things everybody seeks when deciding where to live. Gated communities are far safer because only residents and invited guests are permitted to enter the neighborhood, which you won’t find in a standard community. This is especially ideal if you’re purchasing a vacation home or second home because you may leave the house vacant for a majority or parts of the year.

2. Amenities

Another great aspect of gated communities is the amazing amenities they provide. At The Peninsula, you not only have access to the gorgeous golf course but also a brand new 33,000 square-foot clubhouse, an athletic facility, a tennis and pickleball complex and private spa, not to mention quick access to some of the most sought after beaches on the East Coast.

3. Resale Value

Because gated communities include homeowners’ associations, building codes and exclusivity, property values are significantly higher than other areas of Delaware real estate. According to estimates, only 11% of residential communities in the United States are secured or gated communities. Also, homes in gated communities are worth roughly $30,000 more on average.

4. Community Guidelines

Residents who live in gated communities also tend to take more care and pride in the appearance of their homes, and therefore, the neighborhood overall. HOAs and robust community standards ensure all properties are in good order, as well as tremendous neighborhood care and maintenance when it comes to lawns, ponds and other features of the community.

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When it comes to purchasing new homes in Delaware, there isn’t a finer resort community in the entire state or region than The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay. Better yet, Insight Homes is the best home builder in Delaware. Every house is built with only the highest quality, which allows you to live a life of luxury and experience everything the Peninsula has to offer each summer or year-round! To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact Insight Homes today.