Interior design matters in your home on The Penninsula on The Indian River Bay — learn about merging aesthetics with healthy design practices.

Our modern age is stressful and, if we’re not mindful, can set our bodies up for health issues as a result. From adrenal distraught to upper respiratory issues, sometimes our indoor spaces can be the insidious culprit.

Homes on The Peninsula on The Indian River Bay are located on vast land with nearby open space and a waterfront that soothes. Here, you have every opportunity to elevate your health — get out on the famed Jack Nicklaus golf course or enjoy the Peninisula’s state-of-the-art athletic center. If your health is a priority, living in this golf course community only improves your motivation. Take a moment to see how to create a healthy indoor environment that supports your health.

Indoor Air Quality and Why it Matters to Your Delaware Home

Is air pollution a trending topic these days? It’s more likely that our afternoons are spent conversing over headline news politics and climate change — not air pollution. But air pollution plays a large role in our health status, namely, our home’s indoor air quality.

Are you aware that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air quality is oftentimes found to be two to five times higher than that of the outdoors? So, when we’re overly concerned about breathing in smog and pollution outdoors, we should be more concerned about what is going on indoors instead!

There are even EPA guidelines for new home builds such as those in The Penisula on The Indian River Bay, that can create a less toxic, healthier indoor environment!

Your home can benefit in the following ways:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced indoor pollutants
  • Superior comfort
  • Improved energy efficiency

Read more about the airPLUS program here.

Let’s get back to indoor air quality!

There are many things that can impact your home’s indoor quality that we’ll explore below.

Materials That Contribute to a Toxic Indoor Air Quality


The paint that you apply to your walls that evokes your personal style, could be creating unnecessary toxins in your home. Paints of the past used to have just three ingredients and now there is a list a mile long.

The main concern in paint are the volatile organic compounds, otherwise known as VOCs. VOCs — the new paint smell, that’s them — are harmful to our health because once the paint is applied and dried you would think the danger would be over, however, it’s not. VOCs are known for releasing these volatile compounds as gasses well after the paint has dried.

The gasses are emitted into your indoor space, negatively impacting your indoor quality.

Benzene is just one of the known VOCs and can affect your health and manifest in headaches, throat pain, and nose irritation.

The extent of the health effects related to VOCs will vary pertaining to the level and person, but it has been found that liver and kidney damage has been found in correlation to VOCs.

Our home is where we spend a large amount of time, so it’s a space that needs to not only be comfortable, but healthy.

Protecting our health calls us to take preventative measures such as healthy eating and lifestyle habits, but part of that is creating a space for our health to thrive, and that is within our home!

We’ve just begun on this conversation and there is much more to cover! Stay tuned for a three-part series on how to cultivate an indoor environment that only elevates your health.

If you’re in the market for a new vacation home in Delaware, you can create the perfect space with us at The Peninsula on The Indian River Bay. Reach out today!