While open floor plans are all the rage these days, it didn’t always use to be the case. In fact, open floor plans were practically unheard of in Delaware new homes not that long ago. But Delaware real estate has changed just as much as the world around it, so open floor plans are a must.

So why are open floor plans so desired among homeowners today? The Peninsula On the Indian River Bay put together a few of the main advantages of an open floor plan for Delaware new homes in today’s post!

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Increases Function of Rooms

One of the biggest reasons homeowners seek open floor plans when buying homes for sale in Delaware is the increased functionality of rooms in the house thanks to the open floor plan. For example, you can create a library or reading space in the corner of your living room and still have the space to entertain guests and be sociable.

Makes Entertaining Easy

In a more traditional floor plan, the kitchen is cut off from the rest of the house. If you’re entertaining guests — who generally stay in the dining room or living room areas — and preparing food and drinks in the kitchen, you have very little opportunity to actually socialize. With an open floor plan, kitchens are part of a large space that doesn’t cut off rooms with walls. Your home also becomes easier to navigate because there are fewer hallways.

Improved Lighting

Almost nobody prefers to live in a dark home. Natural light is both cheaper than lamps and overhead lighting, but also promotes a healthier environment within your home because humans need to see the sun! Because open floor plans reduce the number of walls, your home’s windows aren’t blocked and natural light can easily fill the house. All this extra natural light also makes your house feel bigger.

Improves Reconfigurations

Many people like to shuffle around the furniture in their house from time to time just for a fresh looking or atmosphere. Traditional floor plans are limited with walls and defined spaces that limit your options. In an open floor plan, you have more creativity to configure rooms the way you see fit.

Easier to Watch the Kids

As any parent can attest to, keeping track of toddlers or young children can be a handful. This is especially true if you’re a grandparent who maybe doesn’t have the energy or desire to chase little ones all over the house. An open floor plan allows for clear sightlines around most of the main spaces of the home so you can cook and keep an eye on things far easier.

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