What are the first things you consider when thinking about news homes for sale in Delaware or anywhere for that matter? For many people, the first three things that come to mind about Delaware new homes are the kitchen, the master bedroom and the master bathroom.

These are far from the only important rooms in a house, however, they tend to be the places people spend most of their time and a considerable amount of their budget when deciding on which new homes to purchase.

Bathrooms might not seem like an exciting aspect of your new house to care so much about, but you’d be surprised just how much having a nice, modern bathroom can be, especially for the master bathroom.

The Peninsula On the Indian River Bay is a resort-style gated community that features some of the best homes for sale in Delaware. The residents here enjoy a quality of life that most gated communities simply cannot rival. And that includes amazing and modern master bathrooms.

When it comes to new homes in Delaware, Insight Homes builds beautiful houses right here in this amazing, resort community. The Peninsula features an award-winning Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, the most gorgeous setting in the state and a number of other fantastic amenities for a luxurious way of living.

Still not convinced that a bathroom is so important when considering new homes for sale in Delaware? Here are some of the main benefits of having a custom bathroom in Delaware new homes.

Additional Features

Customization in the master bathroom provides you the ability to choose the types of features and amenities most important to you and your lifestyle. Custom features in your Delaware new home’s bathroom could include things such as a shaver-height vanity, granite countertops, plumbing fixtures or even accessibility features for the shower and/or tub.

For anyone who’s been forced to take a shower with a low-power showerhead knows that disappointing feeling. Avoid having to settle for features that are below your standard or that will make your day-to-day life more uncomfortable. Buying a new home is supposed to afford you the opportunity to get everything you need and want!

Energy Efficiency

Delaware new homes are increasingly placing an emphasis on energy efficiency. Not only is this an important consideration for our community and global environment, but energy-efficient features in your new home save you plenty of money on utility bills over the long run. The main ways a new house can become more energy efficient is by reducing the waste of electricity and water.

Obviously, a bathroom is a place where both of these utilities are heavily used, especially if there is more than one person living in your home. By installing modern, energy-efficient bathroom lighting fixtures and high-quality water heaters, new homes in Delaware make the most of these resources without wasting any. This is great for your community and your monthly utility statements.

Luxurious, Modern Aesthetic

Perhaps less tangible than saving you money on utility bills or amazing features that best suit your needs and lifestyle, creating a luxurious and modern aesthetic for your master bathroom goes a long way from a mental perspective. Outdated bathrooms are ugly and that can even make them seem dirty.

However, new homes with a fresh look allow you to enjoy the contemporary style of new homes in Delaware as well as add an excellent return on investment — which you’ll see again a little bit later. And if your new home is going to be your forever home, you’ll want a look and feel that doesn’t age harshly and will still fit your needs as you also grow older.

Increased Resale Value

While The Peninsula On the Indian River Bay hopes you never feel the need to leave the community, it’s also perfectly realistic to understand that down the road you too may seek to sell your house. The great thing about selling a home in current Delaware real estate conditions is that you have a strong chance of gaining a fantastic return on investment.

Because master bathrooms are such a priority for many prospective home buyers, an upgraded bathroom allows you to ask more for the house when it comes time to sell. Your bathroom will have a modern, luxurious look, unique custom features and incredible energy efficiency. These are benefits many other new homes for sale in Delaware won’t possess, which gives you leverage as a seller. Plus, the new home is in this incredible gated community!

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