Homeowners associations (HOA) are becoming more common across the nation. Many neighborhoods understand that with some leadership and accountability, it creates an environment of cohesiveness. HOAs offer a central entity to funnel ideas, complaints, collaborations, and to manage the functioning of neighborhoods. While some homeowners may complain about the strict rules that HOAs enforce, most understand the importance of having guidelines and most of the rules that are enforced are reasonable expectations for any homeowner.

Join us in today’s post as we discuss the benefits of HOA and how they help to build stronger communities. At The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, the homeowners association (HOA) manages all nine of the neighborhoods within the community. If you are interested in learning more about how they operate or what the rules are, contact them directly.

Resort-Style Amenities

We have all been the gym, or some other community area, that should be maintained by each person who uses it. Unfortunately, many patrons either lack the personal responsibility or do not feel responsible for community spaces. HOAs manage and maintain amenities in a neighborhood. Not only does this afford the community to have well-maintained amenities, such as a gym, community pool, and event hall, but it also means that they can have more amenities.

At the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, the HOA offers resort-style amenities including an immaculate gym, several pools, and offer many events to help bring community members together.

Deters Negativity and Crime

Gone are the days when neighbors don’t know who is living next to them. While you may not personally know who your neighbor is, an HOA vets each community member. Most HOAs do not prohibit people from purchasing a home in the community, but they do require each homeowner to “buy-in” and sign a contract that states there will be penalties if certain rules are not followed. These rules refer to what is and is not allowed to take place on the property and offers someone to be responsible for addressing infractions. This means there is less of a chance that criminal activity is taking place within homes or that criminals will visit the community, knowing that someone is watching.

At the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, the HOA provides security guards at the front gate and provides attentive personnel who knows community members. The HOA helps to mitigate neighbor disagreements and helps thwart off negative activity at any of the community facilities.

Improves Property Value

Home and property values are reliant on the condition and amenities of neighboring homes and the community in which they are located. Things such as the landscaping and home additions of your neighbor’s house can affect the value of yours. Additionally, when you are showing your home or looking to buy a home, a broken down vehicle, abandoned tires, piles of garbage, and an unkempt lawn can look poorly not just on the home with these infractions, but surrounding homes as well.

At the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, the HOA not only enforces neighborhood beautification, but helps by setting standards, maintaining community areas, and helping our part-time residents in their absence.

Homeowners associations, like that at the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, play an important and positive role in building and maintaining comfortable communities.

The HOA at the Peninsula at the Indian River Bay takes pride in the community and takes every opportunity to improve the lives of community residents. When you purchase a home in the gated community, you’ll feel right at home! For more information, contact the HOA today!