Insight Homes has proudly built hundreds of the best new homes in Delaware over the years, helping The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay become the most sought after, attractive resort community on the East Coast.

As one of the premier home builders in Delaware, Insight Homes knows exactly what it takes to create the perfect dream home, second home, and vacation home for those seeking to enjoy luxury living at its finest. Through uncompromised quality, customer service, and attention to detail, Insight Homes are unquestionably just better new Delaware homes than any other.

In case you’re still not convinced or would like to hear the thoughts of unbiased third parties, today’s post takes a look at some of the reviews Insight Homes has received from actual homeowners here at the Peninsula in Delaware.

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“When it comes to integrity, quality, and customer service, Insight Homes sets itself apart from the competition. If you are looking for a second home or a primary residence in lower Delaware, you really owe it to yourself to take a look at Insight Homes. They build a great product and have an excellent staff to boot. The technology and build quality just in the base product alone is light years beyond the competition. Trust me, I looked very closely at over half a dozen home builders in Delaware prior to settling with Insight Homes. … Whatever you do, if you’re buying in slower lower, check out Insight Homes!” – David

Wow, what a tremendous honor to have such a glowing review. Thank you so much, David, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to leave such a thoughtful, complete review of Insight Homes. David brings up a great point: simply no other home builder in Delaware can match the level of quality, customer service, or integrity as Insight Homes. The staff is highly-trained and professional, from the top down. When it comes to new homes in Delaware, an Insight Home is just a better house. Thanks again, David.

“Our experience with Insight Homes has been pleasurable, exciting, and professional. The people who work at Insight Homes have been positive and enjoyable, including all the friendly workers that continue to build homes in our neighborhood. We would recommend others to look at Insight Homes to build their home.” – Sue and Linda

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write us such a considerate review, Sue and Linda. It means a great deal that you would take the time to sit down and do such a nice thing. Insight Homes is truly honored to hear you would recommend this home builder to others. Exceptional customer service is one of the top priorities at Insight Homes, so it’s reassuring to know that homeowners such as you two experienced that firsthand. Part of being a home builder in Delaware is forming a strong community, especially in a resort community such as this one at the Peninsula. Happy to have you in the community!

“The whole Insight Homes process is efficient and wonderful to work within. The staff, including yourself (Mitch Haskell), are always kind and patient to the new homeowner, knowing that they will always have a ton of questions. Heather continues to send pictures, which my clients love. And most importantly, there is constant communication keeping the agent as well as the buyers in an “up-to-date” mode. So many home builders in Delaware welcome the realtor with their clients, but then once the sale is made, the realtor rarely hears from them again.

So a great big ‘Thank You’ to all who are involved with Insight Homes. I will continue to bring my clients to your job sites, knowing they will be well taken care of.” – Shirley

This is a tremendously helpful insight (pardon the pun) to have, so thank you greatly, Shirley. When looking at new homes in Delaware, you will obviously deal with a realtor, who is an integral piece of the home-buying process. Insight Homes work hard to ensure the satisfaction of all involved, including realtors. Efficiency and friendliness are not just shows for potential homeowners, but a philosophy of doing business in everything Insight Homes does. Thanks again for the positive review, Shirley.

“My husband and I absolutely love our Insight Home in Sussex county! Brian Cummings provided superb customer service and was always very professional. He always took my calls when I had questions and never hesitated once in getting answers for me. Sue Abbruzzi also provided great customer service. She is very kind and professional. Joanna Chelariu was extremely helpful when it came time to putting the inside together, so thanks Joanna for your patience! And last but not least was Ann Cummings for wrapping it all up. Ann provided good quality assurance and customer service. Thanks to all of you at Insight Homes. I would definitely recommend, and have already, Insight Homes to my friends, family, and co-workers. Great job everyone!” – Darlene

What a truly amazing and encouraging review to read. Thank you so much, Darlene. It’s good that you mentioned a few extremely talented people at Insight Homes by name because they really are extraordinary members of the team. Brian, Sue, Joanna, and Ann are all fantastic examples of the kind of dedicated customer service professionals working here, and are invaluable to creating the overall culture Insight Homes strives to hold as the standard on a daily basis. Purchasing Delaware homes is about so much more than the bottom line and completion of a sale. Insight Homes values each and every step in the process — beginning to end. Thank you for the recommendations as well!

“Solid construction, awesome efficiency, had a very good response with the warranty department for follow up repairs. The flooring guy was fantastic. … Very happy with our new house.” – Mike

Appreciate the positive review, Mike. Quality and efficiency are two of the core principles of every house built at the Peninsula. It’s also great to point out that warranties exist for a reason. Even the best new homes in Delaware are not 100 percent without necessary repair or replacement. While Insight Homes works extremely hard to prevent these in the first place, if something should happen, the team works quickly to follow up and correct any issues that may arise. Also glad to hear you were pleased with the flooring and with your new home overall, Mike.

“We love our Insight Home. We have been in it 18 months, and what small problems we did have were corrected.” – Linda

Thanks for the review, Linda. The first 18 months in a new home can really make or break how a homeowner feels about their purchase. Plenty of other home builders in Delaware rush to build houses, they hold up for the first six months to a year and then the issues start pouring in. At Insight Homes, each build is completed with great care and advanced technology to ensure the home stands the test of time. As previously mentioned, when some minor problems occur in some new homes, Insight Homes makes it a priority to respond quickly and resolve the issue. Happy to hear this standard is upheld in practice at the Peninsula, so thank you for pointing that out, Linda.

“Kudos and thank you to Bob Benson for introducing us to the Stoneyridge floor plan. We love our new house and Stoneyridge is such a great fit for us. The neighbors are genuinely friendly and we love rural living. We are getting settled in and our house is starting to feel like home. Thanks again for all your time and effort.” – Vanessa and Pete

While every house Insight Homes builds is of great quality and possess luxury touches, it’s certainly true that not every style of house is suited for every family. Offering many different styles of houses allows home buyers the chance to match a house to their needs and truly create a home. So, thank you very much, Vanessa and Pete, for bringing up this important point. The Peninsula is a great resort community, whether you’re looking for a second home, vacation home, or a permanent home to raise a family. Welcome!

“We just moved into our Elaine last week. Working with Heather at Insight Homes was the best experience. She is very knowledgeable about Insight products and is a great designer too. Our home has many energy-efficient features and the space we needed for our retirement. We are just beginning to enjoy our home. Life is good in the lower, slower Delaware.” – Paul

Congratulations on you and your wife’s retirement, Paul! You two worked hard for a long time, no doubt, and certainly deserve to have the home of your dreams in retirement. The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay truly is one of the best places to live after retirement in the country. Heather really is great, isn’t she? The team at Insight Homes is really what sets the company apart from all other home builders in Delaware. Their dedication and effort allow Insight Homes to build the finest-quality new homes in Delaware and support the home-buying and owning process for years to come. Welcome to the lower, slower, Paul!

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And there you have it! Insight Homes truly hopes you found the words and reviews of actual homeowners in The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay resort community help you better understand what the process with Insight Homes is really all about.

When it comes to purchasing new homes in Delaware, there isn’t a finer resort community in the entire state or region than The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay. Better yet, Insight Homes is best home builder in Delaware. Every house is built with only the highest quality, which allows you to live a life of luxury and experience everything the Peninsula has to offer each summer or year-round! To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact Insight Homes today.