If you’ve reached retirement and you’re ready to spend your days relaxing and finding new hobbies, The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay community is the perfect place to settle.

As you get older, finding a home in a retirement community that fits all your needs is a tall order. Buying a home once you’ve reached a certain age is quite a bit different than first-time homeownership mainly because you likely know exactly what you’re looking for and will wait until you find it.

You’ll find that home at The Peninsula on the Indian River. With the famed Jack Nicklaus private golf course, the Lakeside Village Athletic Center, and The Clubhouse, this is your retirement home in Delaware! Venture in today’s post and learn more about how to procure your dream home as a senior.

Luxury Living As a Senior

Finding your dream home well into your retirement doesn’t have to be hard, especially with the available homes we have. Whether you’re looking to downsize a bit or provide a space that your kids and grandkids can come and relax at, The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay supports your vision.

How To Find Your Home Sweet Home in Retirement

Being a little older and a little wiser you may know exactly what you want in your new home, and if you haven’t quite pinpointed it, we can help guide you.

Start Brainstorming

To find the best retirement home, begin by brainstorming exactly what you’re looking for in your new home. Think about what you and your partner really enjoy. Do you love being active and outdoors? Or, perhaps one of you is a world-class chef that loves entertaining and cooking elaborate meals. Take inventory of what you enjoy and look for these things in your next house.

It’s also important to think about what your current home lacks. For an accessible home that is inclusive to aging, consider the following features such as:

  • A home with all of the main living on the main floor — kitchen, bathroom, living room, and laundry. This is perfect for aging adults as it doesn’t require constantly moving up and down stairs to access vital living areas — this helps with accident prevention from slips and falls in the future.
  • A ranch-inspired home – A home with limited stairs is inclusive to the aging adult because there isn’t an abundance of stairs which helps with accessibility, provides a safe living space, and better prevents dangerous falls.
  • Easy access to medical and shopping facilities – It’s important to live close to nearby medical facilities and shopping, because not only is it convenient, in the future, it may give you the opportunity to stay independent longer.  
  • Wood floors – Perhaps in the home, you’re in now it’s fully carpeted, which you find outdated and hard to keep clean.

Whatever you may be after, it’s good to brainstorm and come up with a vision for your new home.

Find a Community That Has What You Want

The community amenities are what makes some neighborhoods better than others — find a community that caters to what you love. If staying active is important, look for a community with golf course access and an athletic club. Within these activities make sure they have what you want — whether it’s swimming, tennis, or an entertainment space, get the “must haves” that will fulfill your needs.

Consider the Space

The outdoor space can make or break your next home. If you love the low-maintenance lifestyle where the HOA takes care of most things such as lawn and snow removal in the winter, perhaps a patio home or ranch-inspired home is more what you’re up for.

On the other side, you may love gardening and cultivating a lush, green outdoor area, to which there are plenty of home options that allow this.

Focus On Finding Your Dream Retirement Home

It can be easy to lose hope in the housing market and finding exactly what you want, but stay focused and you’ll find it! Though you may feel like you’re a bit too particular you’re not — knowing what you need may actually make this process a bit easier, and soon you’ll be in your new home ready to take on this new and exciting stage of life.

Know What You Want Before You Invest!

Are you ready to find your retirement home? The search ends with The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay community! Connect with us today!