1. The Beauty of the Delaware Shore

    There’s nothing quite like being out in nature. The fresh air is invigorating, imbibing your soul with inherent vivacity that makes you want to never sleep. The sounds of birds chirping and singing and waves lapping the shore is better than any symphony orchestra. The wind blowing your hair and th…Read More

  2. Creating a Healthy and Thriving Indoor Space (Part One)

    Interior design matters in your home on The Penninsula on The Indian River Bay — learn about merging aesthetics with healthy design practices. Our modern age is stressful and, if we’re not mindful, can set our bodies up for health issues as a result. From adrenal distraught to upper respiratory …Read More

  3. How To Find The Ideal Retirement Community

    If you’ve reached retirement and you’re ready to spend your days relaxing and finding new hobbies, The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay community is the perfect place to settle. As you get older, finding a home in a retirement community that fits all your needs is a tall order. Buying a home on…Read More

  4. Winter Activities at The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay

    The communities on the Delaware Shore are known for being vacation or second homes to seasonal residents who spend the summers enjoying the mild temperatures and beautiful scenery, and then escaping the Northeastern coast for somewhere warmer in the south. But, if you are interested in living at the…Read More

  5. What Makes a Jack Nicklaus Golf Course So Great?

    Jack Nicklaus is a world-famous golf player, recognized as having won 18 major tournaments. While he is a golfer worthy of respect and praise, one that many young athletes aspire to become, he is probably more well-known for his golf course designs. As a young golf professional, Nicklaus had an eye …Read More