Welcome to The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay, your home on the Delaware Shore. The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay is a luxury gated living community on a world famous Jack Nicklaus Golf Course. The Peninsula offers resort-style living in a friendly community setting where you can relax and enjoy life to its fullest.

Tune into our blog and read about all the amenities the Peninsula has to offer, everything you need to know about gated communities and resort-style living, and the Delaware Shore  lifestyle. To become a community member, contact us or stop by for a tour today!

  1. A picture of a New England coastline from an aerial perspective.

    Environmental Conservation is a Community Effort

    As recent news stories and activists like Greta Thunberg have further emphasized, our environment has reached a disconcertingly hazardous state. While it’s crucial that each civilian makes efforts to reduce their individual carbon footprint, larger communities have shown that the power of the publ…Read More

  2. Golf Glossary: Terms You Should Know On the Golf Course (Part 3)

    Playing golf well involves a lot of variables. There are plenty of physical challenges to overcome, but there are just as many mental hurdles, which many would argue are the truly important ones to clear in order to experience a successful day on the golf course. If you’re looking to start playing…Read More

  3. Golf Glossary: Terms You Should Know On the Golf Course (Part 2)

    Golf has its own intricate language full of words, terms, phrases and slang that are commonplace around the country and the world. Understanding what golfers are referring to goes a long way to enjoying the game and making the most of your time out on the golf course with friends. However, not every…Read More

  4. Features of a Peninsula Home by Insight Homes

    The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay is a resort-style gated community on the gorgeous Delaware Shore. Located on the Indian River Bay, just a short distance from Rehoboth Bay and all the surrounding beaches, the Peninsula is the epitome of luxury Delaware living. Part of what makes Peninsula life …Read More

  5. Creating a Healthy and Thriving Indoor Space (Part Two)

    Find out how regular, everyday materials and products could be impacting your Delaware home. In part one, we began our exploration of why a healthy indoor air quality is crucial and the elements that can impact it. In today’s post, we’ll venture further into indoor air quality disruptors and how…Read More

  6. Green Etiquette – Tips for Golfers

    Golf is known for being a gentleman’s sport and is one full of rich tradition. For players who are new to the game, knowing all of the ins and outs can take time. Whether you are a veteran golfer or brand new to the game, we have created a list of helpful tips to help keep your golf game moving an…Read More

  7. Welcome to Peninsula Delaware!

    Thank you for visiting our site! We hope the information throughout the site has answered any questions related to the beautiful Peninsula community. Check back soon as we're constantly updating our Blogs and Information. If you do have further questions about the area, please don't hesitate to Cont…Read More