Playing golf well involves a lot of variables. There are plenty of physical challenges to overcome, but there are just as many mental hurdles, which many would argue are the truly important ones to clear in order to experience a successful day on the golf course.

If you’re looking to start playing golf for the first time, or simply want to get out there and play more often, it is essential that you possess a firm understanding of the basic golf terms you’ll need to both play the game successfully and connect with your fellow golf community.

In the previous two posts, The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay defined some common golf terms you should understand, first relating to the scoring aspects of the sport and then reviewing the important terms you need to know about the golf course itself.

In Part 3, The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay looks at the golf terms you should know about the gameplay itself. Keep these terms handy because you’ll be glad to have them after building a luxury home right here on the award-winning Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course that is the feature of this gorgeous and exclusive community located in one of the most beautiful areas of Delaware and the country!


Many of the golf terms common in the sport related to the actual gameplay itself, as you might imagine. There are a ton of terms and a lot of jargon surrounding the game, so this list of common terms is a great way to cut through all that inside-speak and allow you to communicate both on and off the golf course. There are simply too many to review in a single post, so the basics is a great place to start for now!

Tee Shot

This is the first shot of any hole for a golfer and takes place from the designated tee box. This is the only time a golfer may tee up their ball for the following stroke and a tee shot can be taken with any club of the player’s choosing, usually depending on the length and/or the desired accuracy.


A drive describes a golfer’s first shot on a hole from the tee box, typically taken with their driver, the club that produces the most distance. Some players may choose to hit a 3-wood or lower wood depending on the length they wish to hit or for more accuracy


This is the stroke a player takes with their flat club (called the putter) on the green in order to roll the ball toward the hole and eventually into the hole itself to complete the hole. Some players may also choose to putt the ball from the fringe, a slightly longer cut of grass surrounding the green’s edge.


An approach shot refers to a player’s second or third shot from the fairway or rough following their tee shot. It’s called an approach shot because the golfer is trying to land the ball on the green so they may then putt and complete the hole. Successful approach shots that land on the green are measured as “greens in regulation” and are totaled at the end of the round to establish how well the player hit their iron and wedge shots.


A chip shot is a shorter shot generally just off and around the green. A player uses less than a full swing to loft the ball softly onto the green, sometimes allowing it to roll out towards the hole (called a release) and even produce spin on the ball so it stops in its tracks or even rolls backward. Chip shots can also be from slightly farther distances, but all use a lofted wedge for small, controlled distances.


This is a warning cry from golfers who hit a shot that threatens to hit another player or group of players on the golf course. Yelling fore is considered good golf etiquette when this situation arises, but every golfer should take great care to avoid hitting their ball into another player or group of players at all times.


The address refers to a player setting up to their golf ball in anticipation of executing the shot. This involves aligning their body and club toward the intended target and running through their particular pre-shot routine.

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