The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay is home to a world class Jack Nicklaus Golf course that runs throughout the entire community. This beautiful golf course allows you to play 18 challenging holes, all while taking in all the sites that the Peninsula has to offer. The clubhouse features a high-end golf store where you can purchase everything you need to hit on par, as well as a practice putting green and top-rated golf instructors who can help you perfect your stroke.

Tune into our golf community blog to learn everything you need to know about golf course community living and how to enjoy your retirement on the greens on the Peninsula. For more information about how to become a club member or home ownership in the golf course community on the Indian River of Delaware, contact us or stop by for a tour today!

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    A Day of Life in The Peninsula in Delaware

    Whether you're enjoying a meal at the clubhouse, playing golf at the Jack Nicklaus signature designed course or relaxing by the pool, you will always have a great time. With the safety of the gated community you will be able to enjoy full relaxation while living at the Peninsula! Beautiful Views Fro…Read More

  2. The Top 10 Amateur Golfers of All Time

    As hard as it might be to believe today, there was once a time in golf where maintaining your amateur status was the thing to do. Sport, back then, was for gentlemen. It was about pride, honor and proving you were the best. It wasn’t about money in the golf community. At least for a time. Professi…Read More

  3. Golf Glossary: Slang You Should Know On the Golf Course (Part 3)

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  5. Seven Deadly Sins of Slow Pace of Play On the Golf Course

    Golf is a fun and rewarding sport for people of any age, ability or level of seriousness. It’s one of the best things about the game that make it unique to many other athletic endeavors. However, there is one thing that’s sure to frustrate anybody and everybody on the golf course — slow play. …Read More

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    Golf Glossary: Terms You Should Know On the Golf Course (Part 1)

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    The game of golf is as much mental as it is physical — if not even more so. Having a solid swing and proper mechanics goes a long way, of course, but shooting low scores is about so much more than that. Just watch professional golfers out on the golf course. They have all the ability in the world,…Read More