Golf is a fun and rewarding sport for people of any age, ability or level of seriousness. It’s one of the best things about the game that make it unique to many other athletic endeavors. However, there is one thing that’s sure to frustrate anybody and everybody on the golf course — slow play.

Even the professionals have a beef with the pace of play on the PGA Tour, and these are the best players in the world. The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay does not encourage slow pace on the golf course and from the golf community here, so today’s post is an outline of the seven deadly sins of slow pace of play on the golf course to you can be mindful of them and make sure they do not happen!

The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay is one of the finest, most exclusive golf communities on the East Coast, nestled along the gorgeous Indian River and featuring a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course. This par-72, 7,200-yard course is one of the finest in the country, awarded the Best Private Club by Golf, Inc. It’s both scenic and challenging and includes a PGA-certified staff.

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  1. Trying More Than You’re Capable Of

Every golfer should have a fundamental understanding of what they do well, what they don’t and a realistic expectation of their skill level. Don’t try shots you know you can’t execute because it only leads to more trouble, more shots and more time!

  1. Idle Time

Golf involves taking turns, of course. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the time available when other players in your group are taking their shots. Read your putts, take practice swings (quietly and away from other players) and calculate distances in the times you’re not about to hit the shot. Then when it is your turn, you’re ready to go with no wasted, idle time.

  1. Cart Mistakes

Playing a round in a cart leads to a lackluster approach to the game at times. Don’t take the cart for granted. Take the same approach as you always would — knowing the club you need, paying attention to where you shot ended up and take your wedge and putter with you to the green.

  1. Not Hitting the Ball

So much time can be wasted on the things that don’t involve taking a shot. Reading greens, practice swings, debating on strategies with your buddies. Don’t stand over the ball forever or read your putt from 100 different angles. This isn’t a tournament and you should heed previous advice and use the time you have between shots wisely.

  1. On the Cellphone

Talking on the phone and answering text messages are a great way to waste time and delay the pace of play. You set aside four hours to play golf, so play golf! Tell people you’ll call them back or send texts as needed between your shots. Remember, this is a gentleman’s game, so be courteous to your group and other players at all times.

  1. Too Much Talking

Golf is a social game, of course. But there is a time and place for everything. The golf course isn’t the time for long discussions, a debate of ideas or idle chit chat that delays others. Save that for downtime and remain focused on the reason you’re there in the first place — golf!

  1. Bag Mismanagement

Walking the course is a great way to get exercise in and free up time for you to think, cool down or form a game plan for each shot. However, you must remember that your bag is an essential element of your game. Don’t set your bag down, wander off looking for a ball, only to have to come back and retrieve your bag. Keep it on you at all times and make sure to grab the clubs you might need if you’re uncertain. The same is said for grabbing an extra ball, tees or other items before you ever address the ball.

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