The Peninsula On The Indian River Bay is home to a world class Jack Nicklaus Golf course that runs throughout the entire community. This beautiful golf course allows you to play 18 challenging holes, all while taking in all the sites that the Peninsula has to offer. The clubhouse features a high-end golf store where you can purchase everything you need to hit on par, as well as a practice putting green and top-rated golf instructors who can help you perfect your stroke.

Tune into our golf community blog to learn everything you need to know about golf course community living and how to enjoy your retirement on the greens on the Peninsula. For more information about how to become a club member or home ownership in the golf course community on the Indian River of Delaware, contact us or stop by for a tour today!

  1. Top 5 Golfers Of All Time

    There are some truly legendary names in the game of golf. With a sport that has so much history, being considered one of the greats is quite the accomplishment. Like any subjective topic, there is room for debate, but The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay has its list of the top five golfers of all …Read More

  2. 9 Common Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make

    Golf, on the surface, is an incredibly simple game. Your only objective is to send a little white ball along and specific distance on each portion of the golf course and into a hole plenty wide enough for the ball. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?! But as everyone knows, golf is anything but simple. Th…Read More

  3. Basic Golf Rules You Need To Know

    This is a game of tradition and honor. Integrity is paramount for any player who takes the golf course, both to themselves, to those around them, and the course itself. At The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, those tenants are vigorously upheld because this is one of the finest courses in the coun…Read More

  4. Top 10 Tips For Golf Beginners

    Golf is a tremendous and unique sport in that you can pick it up at any age or ability, and on top of that, it’s a sport you can enjoy playing for most all of your life! However, learning the game for a beginner can be intimidating, frustrating and discouraging. The Peninsula on the Indian River B…Read More

  5. Essential Items You Need In Your Golf Bag

    Every golfer knows the game is as much mental as anything else, especially at a renowned golf course like the one here at The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay. The mental and emotional elements of the sport is part of what makes a seemingly simply objective — sending that little white ball into a…Read More

  6. Fun Types of Golf Play To Try

    Fun Types of Golf Play To Try Here you are on a beautiful Jack Nicklaus designed golf course at The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, soaking in the majestic beauty of your surroundings. Maybe you live here and play all the time, perhaps you’re interested in finding a second home or possibly it…Read More

  7. Sun Safety on the Golf Course

    The snow is still falling outside, but we know that shortly it will begin to dry up and the sun will come out. In the Delaware springtime, the green grass grows quickly and before you know it, you’ll have a calendar full of tee-times. At the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, the neighborhoods are…Read More

  8. Play the Course: Golf Tips for Any Weather

    Whether you are new to the game of golf, settling in to your new home at the country club, or you are a seasoned veteran on the green, you very well know that no two days are the same. Runners subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as perfect running conditions, but a real runner will ru…Read More

  9. 10 Ways to Relax on the Delaware Shore

    The Delaware Shore is home to some of the most scenic beaches that Delaware — and, dare we say, the entire East Coast — has to offer. Whether you are just visiting or you call one of the gated communities here home, we’ll bet you find it incredibly difficult not to feel relaxed. As we promised…Read More

  10. The Beauty of the Delaware Shore

    There’s nothing quite like being out in nature. The fresh air is invigorating, imbibing your soul with inherent vivacity that makes you want to never sleep. The sounds of birds chirping and singing and waves lapping the shore is better than any symphony orchestra. The wind blowing your hair and th…Read More