The snow is still falling outside, but we know that shortly it will begin to dry up and the sun will come out. In the Delaware springtime, the green grass grows quickly and before you know it, you’ll have a calendar full of tee-times. At the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, the neighborhoods are home to breathtaking views, serene comfort, resort-style living, and a Jack Nicklaus golf course. The residents, their guests, and club members rarely miss an opportunity to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and take in the incredible course that winds through the nine communities.

To help protect golf players and ensure they can play for years to come, we would like to dedicate today’s post to sharing some sun safety tips to use on the golf course.

Wear a hat.

One of the most sunburned areas on a person is the top of their head. Whether you have a full head of hair or have been bald for years, tender scalp is always exposed. Many people don’t put sunscreen on their scalps if they have hair and changes to the skin are hard to see under hair. Wearing a hat protects your scalp, nose, forehead, and eyes from the sun’s powerful rays.

Wear as much clothing as is comfortable.

The dress code on the Jack Nicklaus golf course is pretty typical of any country club and is meant to keep the players looking respectable, not necessarily for sun care. We recommend wearing as much clothing as is comfortable. We don’t recommend bundling up by any means, but protecting your skin with pants and a long sleeve shirt. Any material barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays is more beneficial than nothing.

Always wear sunscreen, no matter what.

No matter the temperature, no matter the weather, you should always wear sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays can burn your skin even when it is not warm out and when there are clouds in the sky. Your skin is no match for the power of the sun. As long as the sun rises above the horizon and your golf game is scheduled out of doors, protect all exposed skin with sunscreen. Remember that you must reapply, check your lotion’s recommendations for how often.

Wear sunglasses.

Wearing sunglasses should be a general life safety tip. Sunglasses help protect your eyes and eyesight from being burned or damaged by the sun. Eye protection is even more important when water is involved or on a particularly sunny day. There are a wide variety of lenses to choose from at the golf shop at the clubhouse. Choose a pair that fits you well and still allows you to follow your ball.

Drink WATER.

The importance of drinking water cannot be understated. Many people find this easy to remember during the summer months when the scorching sun reminds them of how thirsty they are. However, thirst is an indication of dehydration, a sign it is too late and your body is begging for some hydration. Drink water and set goals for when you should complete a set ounce count. One thing that golfers are notorious for is drinking things other than water on game day — coffee, sports drinks, alcohol. While drinking things other than water, you need to make sure to also drink plenty of water. For each electrolyte-packed sport drink, be sure to match it one-to-one with water as well.

Play at the coolest times of the day.

Playing at the coolest times of the day isn’t just a matter of comfort, it is also a matter of safety. Avoid the green between 10 am and 2 pm, if at all possible. Of course, if you have an 8 am tee-time, continue playing through. However, you should avoid setting a tee-time between these hours. It is during these hours that the temperatures are at their peak, as is the UV index.

Whether you have a vacation home at the Peninsula on the Indian River Bay, are a full-time resident, or you are a non-resident member of the country club, we preach sun safety to everyone who plays on the gorgeous course. For more golf tips from the pros or to stock your golf bag with sun-safe supplies, visit the Clubhouse.