Whether you are new to the game of golf, settling in to your new home at the country club, or you are a seasoned veteran on the green, you very well know that no two days are the same. Runners subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as perfect running conditions, but a real runner will run in any conditions. Additionally, major league baseball games may announce a rain delay, but the game usually resumes. We are not suggesting you put in the snow or wear your galoshes to the green, but we are here to tell you that when you buy a home on a Jack Nicklaus course, you never waste an opportunity to play!

Follow along in today’s post as we discuss some golf tips for play in any weather. This information will come in handy when you purchase your home on the Peninsula at the Indian River Bay. The Peninsula is home to an 18-hole, par 72 Jack Nicklaus golf course that winds over 7,200 yards of the beautiful Delaware Shore. Whether you own a full-time residence there, have a vacation property in the gated community, or you visit for the weekend as a club member, you are sure to enjoy the course at least once.

Sunny skies — prepare for the glare.

The UV index is a measurement of ultraviolet sunray exposure at any given time. The UV index is measured on a continuum. A UV index of 0 is typical at night and 10 is likely at the height of the day. Although 10 was the high end when the scale was developed, it is not uncommon to have a UV index in the low teens in some places. It is a good idea to check the UV index before heading out to the green. You should always play to the sun and respect it.

When it’s breezy, swing easy.

A breezy day is lovely for being outside. The cool air blowing makes life a little more comfortable, especially when it is the sweeping ocean breeze on the Delaware Shore. While some people may use a breeze as an excuse to miss tee-time, we suggest you just play to the wind. You can play a couple of practice rounds or swing at the driving range to discover your Kentucky windage. Adjust your stroke and play through, taking a handicap if you have to.

Rain and snow — find the silver lining.

We will admit that a thunderstorm or a snow shower is not the ideal time to play a round of golf. However, we suggest you evaluate your desire to play and weigh it against the precipitation. Drizzle is no match for your backswing. If you are mid-course when it begins to sprinkle, we recommend playing through. If it begins to pour prior to your tee time, maybe evaluate the mud before stepping off. We advise you to get in as much play as possible, but play it safe and comfortable. Playing golf on a gloomy day can be as cathartic as sitting on your balcony listening to the pitter-patter on the roof.

Not every day is perfect weather for a round of golf, but any day on the golf course is better than when you aren’t! The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay is a community on a golf course. Golf is the lifeblood of this resort-style gated community. The longer you stay, the more you’ll play, and the weather will end up not meaning a thing! If you haven’t played the course, stop by to become a member, and if you are looking for a home to buy, contact us about our available plots.