1. Top 5 Golfers Of All Time

    There are some truly legendary names in the game of golf. With a sport that has so much history, being considered one of the greats is quite the accomplishment. Like any subjective topic, there is room for debate, but The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay has its list of the top five golfers of all …Read More

  2. Green Etiquette – Tips for Golfers

    Golf is known for being a gentleman’s sport and is one full of rich tradition. For players who are new to the game, knowing all of the ins and outs can take time. Whether you are a veteran golfer or brand new to the game, we have created a list of helpful tips to help keep your golf game moving an…Read More

  3. What Makes a Jack Nicklaus Golf Course So Great?

    Jack Nicklaus is a world-famous golf player, recognized as having won 18 major tournaments. While he is a golfer worthy of respect and praise, one that many young athletes aspire to become, he is probably more well-known for his golf course designs. As a young golf professional, Nicklaus had an eye …Read More